Friday, August 1, 2008

A boring day...

I've figured out that there are 2 main reasons I'm a terrible blogger. 1) I want whatever I say to be perfect! Sadly, I care more about my grammar, spelling, content, making sense, etc. than I EVER did when writing a paper in high school or college. So, in turn, I edit, delete, and start over so many times it takes me forever to post anything. And 2) I don't see a reason to write unless I have something useful to say, or I've done something exciting and worthwhile to write about.

So, as I have done just about nothing today... (I did do the dishes and a load of laundry) I am writing a post anyway! I haven't left my house, I haven't taken the girls anywhere, and it's showing! I can't even count how many fights I've broken up, or how many bonks I've had to kiss better. So, as I sit here in my room, while my girls watch a movie in the other room, I realize that as nice as it is to have nothing to do for once, I NEED to get out of the house! It keeps my girls happier, entertained, and gets some energy out so they'll come home and take a nap. And it also keeps me from being bored and impatient!

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H & El Bliss said...

Hi Elaine, I felt like today was quite uneventful but I'm trying to get good at this blog thing. You said I should add you to your friends, how do I do that? Don't people just click on their follow button. I'm so confused, dang this blogging business. :)